Parental Alienation Assessment

As a devoted and loving parent, there is nothing as heartbreaking as when a child expresses an unreasonably strong dislike towards you, or rejects you or makes contact by you difficult or impossible. Children can be influenced by negative comments made by the other parent and/or grandparents, or other circumstances occurring due to divorce or separation. Characteristics, such as lack of empathy and warmth, between the rejected parent and the child are other potential indicators.

Just as heartbreaking is when a devoted parent is falsely accused of alienating the affection of their children from the other parent.

You are not taught in school how to deal appropriately with these issues. Consequently, we need to seek the assistance of experts. To provide a comprehensive legal review of your parental alienation issue and a realistic analysis of potential actions, our firm provides a unique service.

The Law Firm of Charles D. Jamieson has developed a unique legal parental alienation assessment which is of great value to prospective clients in Florida or elsewhere who are experiencing parental alienation or who are falsely accused of parental alienation during a divorce or some other legal action. We believe this initial meeting with an attorney regarding your parental alienation concerns may be one of the most important meetings you will ever have with an attorney. Instead of the traditional “consultation” (which is an option you may still choose), in a parental alienation assessment with our firm, the following will occur:

  1. You will meet with an attorney who will conduct an assessment of your unique situation and answer all of your questions;
  1. We will gather the history of your situation, review documents, and suggest areas to explore;
  1. Review Florida laws and cases that apply to your unique factual situation;
  1. Discuss various ways you can protect yourself and your children from parental alienation;
  1. We help define and then focus on your most important concerns and needs. We help you develop unique approaches to achieve your goals and to meet your needs and interests;
  1. We advise you regarding all of your legal options — from handling the case yourself to attending mediation, to preparing for and conducting a full-blown trial;
  1. We provide you with additional reading material that you can take home and review at your leisure;
  1. We develop an initial legal strategy for how to move forward with your case and how to protect yourself and your children legally;
  1. We provide you with an audio recording of the legal advice given to you during the assessment; and
  2. We also provide information about how to choose an attorney.

This session is an opportunity (without further obligation) to hire this firm, so that you can learn how our firm operates and for us to learn about you and your case. We can each decide whether it would be appropriate and beneficial for us to work with you on your divorce or family law case. That decision can be made after careful thought on both sides.

The parental alienation assessment does not obligate you to choose our office to represent you. We believe so strongly in educating individuals about parental alienation and family law matters that we see this as a service to the community and to you. Well-informed individuals make the best decisions about their legal issues specifically and their future in general. To schedule a parental alienation/family law issue assessment, contact our office at (561) 478-0312 or [email protected].