If my new spouse were to win the lottery, could my ex-spouse be able to obtain some of that money for child support?

Here we have to distinguish between the lottery winnings as an asset as opposed to being a basis from which you can obtain a stream of income. If you’re divorced or you’ve had a paternity judgment entered against you, then your new assets no longer can be divided between you and your former spouse or you and your former lover. There’s no legal way to do that.

However, that having been said, if you win a million dollars, ten millions dollars, a hundred million dollars, clearly you’re going to obtain a stream of income from that or could be expected to. From that stream of income therefore the court could come in and modify your child support upward because of your winnings. It would be no different than if you inherited a million dollars or ten million dollars or a hundred million dollars. Again, we’re looking at what kind of income could be generated from those assets.

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