Can I make my support payments directly to my ex spouse? Should I?

That depends. The statute would indicate that ordinarily you should have it paid through the court system and also through an income deduction order. However, in under certain limited circumstances, the court will approve a direct payment, but even then, I don’t recommend it. When everything is going well between divorced couples, then we don’t really care and they don’t care who’s paying what to whom because they keep track themselves. But when you break down that great relationship and you’re fighting with one another, then the question is is who’s calculations are correct?

If it’s paid through the court or through an income deduction order, then you have independent records from third parties, which can establish without a question how much child support has been paid by whom and when, which is always the critical issue when you’re fighting about [inaudible 00:00:50] in child support.

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