Consulting Services

Charles D. Jamieson is available as a legal consultant in complex or highly contested family law cases involving custody issues, Florida child support, child visitation, parental alienation, prenuptial agreements and child abuse. A leading proponent of family rights in the areas of family law and child abuse defense for the last 28 years, Mr. Jamieson has acted as a consultant or lead attorney in more than 20 states and has shared information and insight on various topics of family law as guest speaker at seminars across the country.  Mr. Jamieson is also well-respected among divorce lawyers in Palm Beach County.

Through ongoing education and experience, Charles D. Jamieson has accumulated knowledge vital to understanding the issues involving children and families in the context of custody disputes and child abuse allegations. These include child development psychology, relationship sociology, various mental and physical manifestations that can mimic abuse symptoms, and the legal principles that can be applied to cases of this type. His extensive associations with experts and research in each of these fields make him a valuable asset on any legal team.  A leading domestic violence attorney, Charles Jamieson can guide you through the complexities of a Florida divorce – no matter how contested and unpleasant.

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To speak with Charles D. Jamieson about consulting services, please call 561/478-0312 or contact us online. Mr. Jamieson will be in touch with you within 24 hours.   Collaborative family law and divorce mediation are available in accordance with Florida law.