Collaborative Divorce

In some cases, ending a marriage is an agreed upon outcome for both spouses. When the parties in a disintegrating marriage agree to pursue settlement of their issues, the contested divorce proceeding is not always necessary or desirable. Collaborative divorce in Florida offers an alternative, and often less expensive, method for marriage dissolution. In the collaborative approach, parties and their family divorce attorneys agree to settle matters involving division of assets and debt, alimony, child support, child custody, visitation rights, and others through negotiation, mediation, compromise and/or agreement, instead of through litigation.

West Palm Beach Collaborative Divorce

Charles D. Jamieson has successfully helped clients through the collaborative divorce process. Often, solving problems and reaching resolution through collaboration is more satisfying for both parties. Clients often report a sense of empowerment and control, which is not as attainable when matters are left for courts to decide.

Attorney Jamieson is a supporter of amicable divorce and collaborative family law that protects children’s consistent and positive relationships with their parents. As an outspoken advocate for parents’ rights for over 25 years, he has considerable knowledge about psychological issues, parenting, and the impact of divorce on children, and financial issues. To that end, he offers valuable insights on reaching child custody solutions that meet the family’s needs.  Mr. Jamieson’s family law office is well known for expert divorce attorneys in West Palm Beach and throughout the state of Florida.

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If you have questions about, or would like to consult a lawyer about collaborative divorce, please contact us online or call 561/478-0312. Charles Jamieson represents clients in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Stuart, Florida, and surrounding areas.

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