Timesharing (Child Custody/Visitation)

At one time, when parents divorced or separated, the courts automatically awarded custody to a single parent, usually the mother. Custody rules were based on the premise that children needed to form one strong primary bond with a parent, and all other bonds were secondary and not as important.

Current research supports a different theory, that children can actually form many bonds with adults, all equally as strong. In fact, the more bonds children form with caring, stable adults, the better it is for them developmentally. The idea of equal parenting time or shared custody is based on this research. While the science behind custody has changed, often societal conventions and the court system have not. Maximizing child timesharing is mutually beneficial for both parents and children.  While each situation is unique, generally winning child custody while protecting child timesharing and child custody rights is vital for a successful result.   With so much at stake for children and parents in a child custody dispute, having a well-informed child custody attorney can make a major impact on the outcome of a case and the life of a child.

Timesharing Attorney

For over 25 years, Charles D. Jamieson has been a leading advocate of parent’s rights in the legal community. While practicing in Maine, he wrote a pivotal paper that promoted a new legal understanding of custody issues. Through solid psychological data and access to well-respected experts, he has consistently helped his clients litigate or settle difficult child custody and timesharing issues.  Supervised visitation is sometimes a necessary first step towards restoring child timesharing rights for the future. At other times, supervised visitation is not in the best interest of the child and should be revisited.

Mr. Jamieson understands how important it is for children to maintain a healthy, stable relationship with the adults in their lives, barring unusual circumstances. He is committed to helping families understand the issues behind custody and parenting, including equal parenting time, shared custody, timesharing rights, legal custody and others. Through informed and assertive representation, he enables clients to find the best resolution for their children and protect their parental rights.  Grandparent custody and grandparent visitation have become common concerns.  The courts are recognizing with increasing frequency the importance of the grandparent relationship. Even though the law is not sympathetic to grandparent rights to have contact with their grandchildren, the Law Firm of Charles D. Jamieson can fine creative solutions to legally create and maintain relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren.

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