Child Abuse Defense

False Child Abuse Allegation Defense Attorney

Shock, Betrayal, Hurt, Anger, Fear, Panic…

These are just some of the painful emotions that can immediately overwhelm a person wrongly accused of child abuse. Once the reality of the allegations sets in, new emotions can surface including embarrassment, shame, helplessness and depression. Keeping a clear head, staying focused, remaining in control of your feelings – all seem monumental as the nightmare unfolds. Indeed, one day you can be living a normal life, the next day you can become a prisoner — due to someone’s life-altering allegations. Neighbors begin to whisper. Friends stop calling. Co-workers avoid you. And the ramifications can become much more serious. As a suspect in an abuse case, you may have your child or children removed from your care, lose custody or visitation rights, be arrested and jailed, have your name and reputation ruined, lose your job, and have your future career prospects ruined. If the case involves a sexual abuse allegation, you can have charges filed against you, and eventually have your name added to a national registry of sexual predators and be labeled as a child sex offender.

The harsh reality is that you must face these allegations head on — with the will, determination, and perseverance of a soldier fighting for his life. Indeed, your freedom, your life as you have known it, and ultimately your future, is at risk. With so much at stake, it is imperative that you hire the best lawyers and legal counsel available to help you fight the allegations of which you have been falsely accused.

The Law Firm of Charles D. Jamieson can provide the strong leadership you need. With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Jamieson and his capable staff will work closely with you – carefully devising the strategy, outlining a specific plan, and implementing the tactics that will powerfully defend your rights.

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