What questions should I ask before hiring at attorney for my parental alienation case?

The questions that you should be asking an attorney when you’re seeing them for parental alienation are number one, how many parental alienation cases have you been involved in? Two, what was the last book you read about parental alienation? Three, what defenses can be raised on a parental alienation case if I make that claim? Four, who do you know in the area are psychological experts dealing with alienation? Five, who are the national experts that deal with parental alienation?

What you need to do before you walk into that meeting is you should be getting on the internet, you should be getting books yourself, you should be educating yourself about some of the basics dealing with parental alienation, so that you can understand whether or not that attorney is answering you in a knowledgeable fashion or is just trying to blow smoke out you.

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