What are three signs of parental alienation?

Three potential signs of parental alienation are one, the parent blocking contact with your child. In other words, the parent will say when you call up to pick up your child, Oh, he’s sick or she’s sick, or they have a birthday party they have to go to, or they’re playing a game, or they’re asleep. There’s always some excuse going on.

Another potential sign of parental alienation is the parent providing the child with a more enticing activity. Do you want to go to Sally’s birthday party or go see daddy? Or, do you want to go see the zoo where you can see your favorite camels and zebras or do you want to go see mommy? Or, do you want to go see daddy or would you like to go and get ice cream? Again, what you’re doing is you’re providing an enticing alternate activity for the child.

Another way where parental alienation can occur is when the mother or the father is always expressing concern about the safety of the child when they’re visiting the targeted parent. Oh, please be safe when you’re with your daddy. Or, be careful because you know sometimes mommy’s not driving properly. Or, daddy doesn’t care of the fences and leaves the doors open. Or, daddy doesn’t lock the doors at night and people could come in.

What happens is you’re having the child become concerned whether or not they’re safe when they’re with the other parent. Those are three potential signs of parental alienation.

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