What to do if you’re accused of child abuse

Shock, betrayal, hurt, fear, and panic are just some of the emotions that can hit you when you are wrongfully accused of child abuse. Once the reality begins to sink in, you may begin to feel new emotions, including embarrassment and depression, and staying focused and keeping a clear head will seem impossible in the face of someone’s false allegations.

“As a suspect in an abuse case, you may have your own children removed from your care, be arrested and jailed, and have your future career prospects ruined,” said board-certified marital and family law attorney, Charles D. Jamieson.

If you’re facing accusations of child abuse, it’s important to have a trusted advocate on your side. Upholding family rights and defending against injustices, the Law Firm of Charles D. Jamieson, PA, can help you face the allegations head-on with the will, determination, and perseverance you need to fight for your life and freedom.