Tips for maintaining a great relationship with your kids during your divorce

Many people would agree the hardest thing about a divorce is the impact it has on their kids. Often, one parent is granted custody and moves far away from their ex. “Divorce is difficult for parents and their children, but if you add one parent having to relocate because of a job transfer, new job, or moving closer to family for support, it can become very difficult to maintain a meaningful relationship with the geographically distant parent,” says board certified marital and family law attorney, Charles D. Jamieson.

However, here’s some things you can do to maintain a strong relationship with your child; volunteering and taking an interest in their school, finding out and learning about their current passions, familiarizing yourself with important people in their life, and using technology to communicate with them. Also, ask them open-ended questions and show genuine interest. It will go a long way in creating a bond.

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