Do you need a social media clause for your marriage?

Social media plays a part in nearly all of our lives, and its popularity will just continue to rise. Naturally, social media clauses are beginning to appear in divorce cases. Existing posts that pertain to you and your spouse can be considered marital property, especially when tied to a family business. Protected information in a social media clause could include the other spouse’s business activities, financial matters, and other person affairs.

“These social media clauses can prevent former spouses from posting items online that would harm, disparage, denigrate or negatively impact the other former spouse’s image or reputation or have a negative impact on the former spouse’s business, school or career prospects,” says board certified marital and family law attorney, Charles D. Jamieson.

Other types of social media clauses involve what each spouse can post about the children they have together and even legacy settings that indicate who can post to your account after you pass away. Upholding family rights and defending against injustices, the law firm of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A. can answer any questions you may have about divorce, or legal separation. They understand it’s an extremely sensitive and important issue, and they are there to assist you.