Getting back to work as a single parent

You were a stay-at-home parent, but now that your divorce is finalized, you have to transition back into the workforce. Naturally, this can be unsettling. Will your lifestyle change? What about childcare?

“Child support and alimony are not long-term solutions. Getting back to work will re-establish a means of self-sufficiency for both the financial and emotional impact your divorce had on your life. The most important part is believing in yourself and that you can attain whatever you set your mind and efforts to.” says board-certified marital and family law attorney, Charles D. Jamieson.

Here’s some tips to make your job search easier post-divorce. Cast a wide net. Don’t limit yourself to past experiences. Polish up your resume. Use every resource to learn about possible openings. Use a head-hunter service to get interviews or think about going back to school.

Upholding family rights and defending against injustices, the law firm of Charles D, Jamieson, P.A. can answer any questions you may have about divorce. They understand that it is an extremely sensitive and important issue, and they are there to assist you.