What is a divorce mission statement?

When you get lost, a map or a navigation system can help you find your way. The same can be said for a divorce mission statement, which is your compass directing you towards peace and steering you away from conflict. Your missions statement will be your guide.

The purpose of a divorce missions statement is for the parties to focus on their core goals, and needs, and wants in a divorce case to give them a guide post to look at as they go through their divorce to keep them on track to minimize their expenses, minimize the animosity, and provide them the best possible outcome.

If you set goals at the outset, you’ll be able to stay on course when things aren’t going your way. It will help you move forward and make sure you’re thinking and behavior are in line with what you deeply care about. If your spouse is willing to work on a mission statement with you, do it together. If not, write it yourself and consider sharing it. Upholding family rights and defending against injustices, the law firm of Charles D. Jameson PA can answer any questions you may have about divorce. They understand that it is an extremely sensitive and important issue, and they’re there to assist you.