The benefits of collaborative divorce

Everybody’s seen or heard a divorce horror story, whether in real life or in the movies. But many people don’t realize that collaborative divorce is a less expensive, less adversarial alternative.

“Getting divorced is rarely simple or painless. Despite the false myths you may have heard about collaborative divorce, it’s actually easier on all parties involved,” says board certified family law attorney, Charles D. Jamieson.

One of the myths is that divorcing spouses having to be in agreement on a majority of the issues before starting the collaborative divorce process, Jamieson says, is false. The only requirement is that each party have an open mind, be willing to trust the process even if they don’t trust their spouse, and be in agreement to not litigate their divorce in court. As it relates to money, he says the parties involved in a collaborative divorce are assisted by a neutral financial professional and they have to agree to full transparency, which makes the process go smoother.
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