How will the court decide who gets the kids in a LG divorce?

In an LG divorce the first question that must be asked is: Are you a legal parent of the child? If you are a gay couple and have both adopted the child then you are a legal parent of the child. However, in a lesbian relationship, you may not have an adoption, and if you don’t then under Florida law the biological mother is the parent of the child. If you have as a lesbian non-biological mother, you are then treated no better than a step-parent who would have no contact with the child. In the beginning there has to be determination by your lawyer, are you a legal parent. If not, then you need to take the steps to secure that status.

If it is determined by your lawyer and the court that you are a legal parent, then the court will apply the best interest standards that the court applies in every divorce case concerning the children. How that factors out in your particular case will determine about how much time you’ll be spending in a time sharing schedule or contact schedule with your child.