What questions should I ask the attorney before hiring him or her in an executive divorce?

When you sit down with your attorney and you’re a business owner, an executive or a professional, the first thing you should ask is, “How many types of these divorces have you done? How long have you been practicing law? How familiar are you with valuation of businesses? How well connected are you with the top forensic accountants in our community? Who do you use for vocational evaluators?” Then finally, “Are you board certified?”

Board certification is an important aspect in the Florida bar. Out of the approximately 70,000 attorneys in the state of Florida, less than 300, as we sit here today, are board certified in marital and family law. It’s a very difficult certification to obtain. Only the best in the state can get it. If you have a board certified attorney then you can rest assured that they are experienced in these types of areas.