What special issues do people face when they are getting divorced over the age of 50?

Late life divorce spouses no longer have decades of employment to recoup what they lose during divorce case. So there has to be an issue of, What are you looking for? in terms of what you need to support yourself for the rest of your life. We’re looking at income streams, potentially from continued employment, alimony, Social Security, investments. How do we divide up those potential streams among the two spouses so they can obtain what they need?

A second major issue we’re looking at is extended care contract; in other words, as people grow older, they may have more need for aid than they may be able to afford currently, and they insure against those risks. A third issue that we’re looking at, obviously, is estate planning. How do they then look at their estates from what they will likely obtain from the divorce to maximize their goals in philanthropy, their goals for their children, and frankly, in terms of reverse mortgages and other things, obtaining additional income stream?

We’re finding that late life divorce cases deal with different insurance issues, different estate planning issues, and different types of alimony or “How do I live my life issues from now on?”