What are the reasons why people are getting divorced later in life?

Late-life divorces have many causes. One is the empty nest syndrome. Your children have gone and all gone on to their lives. While you’re married you find that your life resolves around your children, what do they need, where do they need to be, what do we have to change. Even your vacation schedules rotate around your children’s schedules. Now all at once you’re sitting across the tables, and one of the major focus, if not the major focus of your marriage, is disappeared. You have to wonder, if this the same person that I married 20 or more years ago and do I want to stay with that person the rest of their lives. The second most important reason we’re finding is that people change their life goals when they reach a later stage of their lives. They’re no longer on looking at having decades to attain happiness, reach goals, do what they want to do. They may not be happy with this particular person they’re living with and they want to make the changes now so they can have happiness in the rest of their lives. Finally, there may be just that growing apart that we hear, I just can’t be with them anymore, for whatever reason.