What are the most common financial mistakes made during divorce?

The most common financial mistakes made during the course of the divorce, number one, not prioritizing your goals. In the beginning of most divorces everyone wants everything but you’re not going to get everything so you have to figure out what are the most important goals you need to accomplish once the divorce is over. Number two, trying to play games with hiding documents. That’s an expensive process. All documents are eventually going to be discovered. People are going to spend unnecessary sums of money to get them and the judges are going to get annoyed at one or both parties during that process.

Number three, not hiring a professional forensic accountant to assist you in this process. Why? Because they are trained, they have staffs to help crunch the numbers, put all the documents in appropriate format, run alimony schedules, run equitable distribution of assets schedules, run child support schedules, and frankly, their operations can do it far cheaper than your attorneys’ offices can do. Do that. Finally, if you cannot afford a forensic accountant failure to organize your documents in the fashion your attorneys request or in the way that the divorce statutes require you will require unnecessary time for your attorneys’ offices to do so. These are basic ways you can avoid expenses in that case.