What are grounds for divorce in Florida?

The grounds for divorce in Florida are one, irreconcilable differences, which means one of the parties believe that there’s some kind of differences that have occurred that we cannot bridge. That’s the main grounds. There is a secondary grounds that we have that we seldom see, and that is incompetency. We do not like to see incompetency in a divorce case because what happens under Florida law is that if there is a finding of incompetency, then the divorce is stayed for three years. You can understand, if you’re in the middle of a divorce, and your wife declares you to be incompetent and the court agrees, your divorce is stopped for three years. That doesn’t really serve anyone’s purposes. We have two grounds in Florida, but neither one of these are fault based grounds. If you’re incompetent, that’s not your fault, and if there’s irreconcilable differences, that doesn’t mean you abused somebody or you were unfaithful or you abandoned the marriage that we see in other states. There is a no fault policy under the Florida statutes, and both of these grounds are based on no fault.