How can I reduce my legal expenses during a divorce case?

Prioritize your goals. It is most important when you have a limited budget, and we all have limited budgets when we’re dealing with divorce, for your attorney to know what’s the most important aspect which you wish to achieve in your case so he can devote your limited resources and their time to attaining it.

Number 2, when you have emotional issues, deal with the appropriate professionals.

Number 3, organize your materials before you bring them to your attorney and organize your questions before you contact your lawyer.

Number 5, remember there is nothing about a divorce case that is fair. Your goal should not be trying to obtain a fair result. Your goal should be trying to obtain a result that you can live with which means there will be some aspects of the conclusion of your divorce case that you will like and some you won’t.

For your spouse, there will be some things that they like and some they won’t but it’s both workable for you in the future.