Divorce Consultation

Anyone facing a divorce, paternity case, loss of timesharing with a child, and/or the loss of a hard-earned family business or other asset knows that a divorce or other family law issue can provoke anxiety, fear, and uneasiness.

We did not learn in school how to handle a divorce or another family law situation. Consequently, how can one quickly get up to speed and become educated on the family law issues which they are confronting? The Law Firm of Charles D. Jamieson is committed to educating and informing our clients so that they can make the best decisions, whether it is how to choose the right attorney, how to approach their spouse about divorce, and/or what family law legal process is most likely to benefit your family. To that end, our law firm offers an initial consultation or a divorce family law assessment that can help you understand your options and feel confident while beginning your divorce or family law case.

During an initial divorce consultation, we spend an hour with you in our office. During that hour, we will quickly review the facts of your case, bring you up to date on the divorce or statutes or case law relevant to your issue, your divorce options, and the different reasons for choosing them. Because our office provides you substantial valuable assistance in this meeting — whether or not you retain an attorney in our firm — there is a reasonable fee for the consultation. Please keep in mind that an hour goes by very quickly, therefore the one-hour time limit restricts the advice we can give at the end of an initial consultation period. If you want to do more than meet us and receive very limited advice, you should schedule a divorce/family law assessment.

To schedule an initial consultation, please contact our office at 561-478-0312 or [email protected].