What are the detriments of using unbundled legal services?

Those basically fall under what you’re not getting. What you’re not getting is the attorney who will represent you from the beginning to the end. The attorney is not going to be present to tell you or instruct you how the result of how much money you’re declared by the court to earn may have on alimony, or child support or this asset may be marital or non marital, or if you give your spouse more retirement assets it may mean you pay less alimony. You’re not getting that full warn or fully fleshed out advice on all the issues.

I had a law professor who told me once, “The lay is a seamless web.” As I become more experienced in divorce cases, all the issues in the divorce case impact on all the other issues. It is very difficult for someone to get advice on one particular issue and then not make an error on something else. In other words, we don’t know what we don’t know. Having an attorney from the beginning to the end gives you the ability to have that knowledge and act appropriately on it.