In my Florida divorce case, what are the alternatives to going to court?

The alternatives to going to court are as follows. One is what I call kitchen table negotiations. That’s where you and your spouse sit together and attempt without the intervention of any other person to resolve the issues yourself. You know yourselves the best, you know what your lives have been involved, and you know what you need for your futures, so that’s your first step. After that, mediation may be the next best step and the next least expensive step. In mediation, you can attempt by yourselves or with an attorney and a mediator attempts to assist you in resolving your differences. The third step would be cooperation, and a cooperative effort is you and your divorce attorneys attempting to try to resolve the cause without a mediator in hopes of not having to go to court. Finally, you have collaborative divorce, which is what we’ve already talked about, which is a series of meetings with neutral professionals and attorneys over time, which resolves all your issues. If you have to exhaust all those other alternatives, then all you have left is litigation and going to court.