Who should consider collaborative divorce in Florida?

The people who should consider undergoing a collaborative divorce are as follows.

One, a couple who are about their children. When I say that, I mean they want to make sure their children are okay, and in the best possible condition after the divorce. That’s not the consideration when you’re litigating tooth and nail.

The second group of people who are great candidates are those who want privacy. We have a number of celebrities, professional athletes, lawyers, doctors, people of notoriety within a community, who don’t want their divorces broadcast to the public. This is a private confidential environment so they can get their business done without the public looking over their shoulder.

Another one might be a ma and pa grocery store owner, or a cash oriented business, where unfortunately they may not have reported everything to the IRS, so instead of coming in front of the judge, or the public, saying well we didn’t report everything we were supposed to report, they’re in a private circumstance where they can actually talk honestly about the money that they were dealing with, and so they can deal with child support, and they can deal with alimony, with honest figures, rather than one being revealed as a liar, or both being revealed as tax cheats.

Then we have those individuals who think that after thirty years of marriage, or forty years of marriage, they have enough dignity where they can sort of sit down and try to be honest with each other, respectful with one another, so that when they leave this marriage of a long time duration, that they can do so in that fashion, rather than fighting like alley cats.

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