What are the advantages of choosing a collaborative divorce in Florida?

The advantages are as follows. It’s private. You attend private meetings, whereas if you are litigating a divorce, it’s in a public forum in a courthouse and they see everything. What I mean private, no one sees your financials. When you’re in a divorce court, people see your financials. They know what’s going on with your financial life. Two, it’s civil. What’s the hallmark of a litigation in divorce? Anger, acrimony and people fussing at one another. That is forbidden in this process.

One of the reasons we have a mental health facilitator is to make sure that occurs. Three, it is less expensive. How is that less expensive? Because attorneys are not running to court, you’re not having motions filed, depositions taken. It’s four to six meetings. Another advantage is, you do not need dueling experts. We have one neutral financial professional. You don’t have dueling forensic accountants. We don’t have dueling mental health professionals. We don’t have dueling attorneys. It’s less expensive, less acrimonious and what we find at the end of the case is at the end of the case, the couple have a civil relationship.

If people have children, they’re going to be joined together even if they’re divorced for the rest of their lives, graduations, weddings, christenings, all the things that occur in people’s lives. If you are hating one another at the end of the divorce, you are not going to have a life afterwards with your children as they reach an adult. That’s going to be worth [inaudible 00:01:45]. Collaborative divorces gives you the opportunity to have the kind of life you want to have with your children that you dreamed of having when you were married and you can still have after your divorce.

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