How does collaborative divorce work in Florida?

Collaborative divorce is a non-advisarial way for people to get divorced. It works in a very simple fashion. Collaboratively trained attorneys and their clients sign an engagement agreement. That engagement agreement says this: we’re going to not resolve this court by litigation. We’re going to resolve it in a series of meetings. In these meetings we’re going to be civil with one another, there’s going to be a free-flow of financial and other information that is requested and if either party abandons the process and goes to litigation, the attorneys are out and any experts are out. Also importantly in this process, you hire a neutral financial professional who’s job it is to accumulate all the relevant financial information and then provide options, not a solution, but options to the parties to select from how to resolve their financials. We have a mental health professional or facilitator that’s involved in a process to make sure the parties act civilly to adjudge the communication processes between the clients. Can they really communicate or do they need coaching? If there is a custody or visitation or time sharing issue, to refer it out to another proper professional to get that done. Each meeting has an agenda. The parties work through the agenda and generally these cases are resolved in four to six meetings.

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