What factors go into determining timesharing and parenting time in Florida?

There are currently approximately 24 factors that go into the court determining the best interests of the child in terms of time sharing. The most important of those, however, is the perceived ability by the court of each parent to provide a meaningful and continuing relationship between the child and the other parent. How cooperative has that parent been? How much information are they providing about the child?

The court also looks to determine who has been the primary caretaker of the child during the course of the marriage. Another important factor for the court to look at is what are the anticipated time sharing or caring of the child factors that the parties will have to deal with. In other words, if one spouse is returning to work then the other spouse may have to pick up some of the slack.

A final one would be how is the child doing in the community. Clearly a child who is younger and is in preschool needs more parenting time one on one than a child who is in high schoo. Those are among the factors the court looks at in making a time sharing decision.

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