What can I do if the other parent drinks and/or drives under the influence while my children are in his or her car?

This is a very serious concern for parents, whether you’re married or divorced. In the case of the divorce, what you need to do first is find some proof that you can establish that the parent at issue has been drinking or consuming alcohol improperly that puts the children at risk. It could be some kind of social media posting, it could be a witness, it could be some written statement by your spouse or someone who’s heard him say something or her something that’s incriminating.

Once you have the evidence, then you proceed to court for a modification action or an emergency action to suspend visitation, have some kind of testing done on your spouse so that the children can be protected. You’re seeking an order so that the children can be protected from the drinking in the future. It’s a matter of obtaining evidence and then bringing the proper motion before the court.

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