Under what circumstances will the court order supervised timesharing visitations?

The court may order supervised time sharing when there is a concern for the safety of the child, but that concern can be alleviated if there is someone supervising the parent-child interaction. For instance, if there’s an allegation of child sexual abuse that has not yet been proven, then the court may provide supervised visitations so the child can have the benefit of interaction with the parent, but be protected from abuse and the parent who has been accused of abuse can be protected from other potential false allegations. Another one might may be where there has been a substance abuse issue in the past. Obviously you want to protect the child from the negative impact of having a parent under the influence dealing with the child. Supervised visitation will protect the child from those circumstances and prevent the parent from becoming intoxicated or under the influence while the visitation is on-going. Under those types of circumstances the court may order supervised visitation.